What is Entitlement?
Entitlement is the share of each Canal System in any 10-Daily period provided in the canal operation programme for each crop season i.e Kharif and Rabi.

What is Canal Operation Programme?
Canal Operation Programme is prepared from the seasonal share allocated by IRSA for each crop.

What is Kharif & Rabi Seasons?
Kharif season starts from April 1 to Sep 30 & Rabi season starts from October 1 to March 31, each year for canal water deliveries & entitlement.

How is the share of each provice determined by IRSA?
The share of each province is determined by IRSA in accordance with the Provisions of Water

Can you tell me about Water Accord 1991?
The Water Accord 1991 apportions the Indus Basin water among the four provinces of Pakistan and lays down the basis for sharing shortages and surpluses.

What is bench mark for determining shortages and surpluses?
The bench mark for determining shortages and surpluses is the average system uses of 1977-82 as provided in the Water Accord.

What were Average Uses of 1977-82, as described in the Water Accord of 1991?
Average Uses of 1977-82 are the actual water uses in the canals during the period 1977-82.

What are shortages / surpluses and their calculation protocol?
The record of actual water system uses for the period 1977-82, forms the guide lines for developing a future regulation pattern. These ten daily uses are adjusted pro rata to correspond to the indicated seasonal allocations of the different canal systems & form the basis for sharing shortages & surpluses on all Pakistan basis.

How the Average System Uses are determined?
Average System uses are determined based on the actual water uses in the Canal for a certain period.

Are there variations in actual operations of canals?
Yes. The Variations in actual operation (actual discharge flowing) of canals compared with the Entitlements are due to fluctuations in river flows, due to weather conditions (loss or more inflow to rivers, snowmelt, rainfall etc) which consequently required to make changes in the indents.

How the variations in actual operation are taken care off?
The variation in the actual operation is taken care of by Rotational Programme, prepared by each Canal Division assigning the preference to each Canal System in rotation according to the actual available supplies.

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